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Kelly Sirqueira

Kelly Sirqueira

QA Analyst III
São Paulo, São Paulo


Sobre Kelly Sirqueira:

Over 4 years of experience in Software Testing and Quality Assurance, I have gained valuable expertise in various project, , utilizing Scrum and Kanban agile methodologies. conducting functional, non-functional, regression, manual, and automated tests. The focus of my testing work includes functional, non-functional, regression, manual and automated testing, with a primary focus on back-end and API layers, and sporadically on UI testing. To accomplish this, I have utilized tools such as RobotFramework, Postman, Cypress, and Jest. Additionally, I have proficiency in complementary technologies that support the software development process. These include Docker, Azure, SQL, AWS, RabbitMQ, Jenkins, TeamCity, Bitbucket, among others. 


Quality Analyst III - Mar/2023 – Current
In this experience, I started a new project, where the product architecture is developed in components, and for the automated tests the chosen framework is Jest, so I started to develop automated test scripts in the component layer, component integration, and e2e, using Docker for containerization and Azure for code versioning, as well as CI/CD.

  • Test Analysis, Desgin, Implementation, Execution, Monitoring and Control, and Conclusion
    • Implementing test automation for components, component integration, and end-to-end testing
    • Taking ownership of test failures
  • Participating actively in pre-refinement meetings with the team's product owner, product owner from other involved teams, tech lead, and peers
  • Identifying test gaps and prioritizing test coverage based on areas of risk
  • Participates in the process for delivering code to production
  • Help triage escalations by reproducing issues from support
  • Analyze cross-impact on other products
  • Able to perform troubleshooting
  • Working closely with developers and the DevOps team
  • Contributing as an agile facilitator for the team
  • Preparing and conducting review meetings
  • Mentoring other engineers within and outside the team
  • Conducting training for team members and employees from other teams
  • Contributing to documentation
  • Occasionally contributing to the company news with success cases

      Technologies: Javascript, Jest, Cypress, Docker, Azure, Scalyr, MongoDB

Quality Analyst II - Mar/2022 – Feb/2023
In mid-2022, our team underwent significant changes in terms of direction, goals and structure. Through this shift, test automation was the primary approach to software testing according to the product's needs at that time. Over the year, I made substantial progress in this technical skill, building various types of automation scripts, working with diverse datasets and operating on different planes. Gained experience working with the Cypress automation framework, one of my top guests completed backend and UI automation using Cypress for MFA testing, between December and January 2023.

Technologies: Javascript, Cypress, Postman, SQL, Bitbucket, Teamcity, AWS, RabbitMQ, Jira, Confluence


Quality Analyst - Apr/2021 – Mar/2022
During this experience, I took the initiative to improve our automation collections in Postman and also create automation for regression testing for a major product project, creating and testing selection for different types of test data. Through this automation, it was possible to create automations for other products, reducing regression testing time. Coaching two QA members, including a senior colleague, and seeing them eventually leave the team, I embraced the challenge of being solo QA for a while. This has allowed me to show my dedication to continuous improvement and the development of effective quality control processes.

Technologies: Javascript, Postman, SQL, Bitbucket, TeamCity, Jenkins, Confluence, Jira, Zephyr

Quality Analyst Intern - Nov 2019 – Apr 2021
That was my initial role as QA, where I joined a team dedicated to LATAM operations, operating under the Scrum methodology. The product was legacy, developed in C#. The main goal of the team was to support clients still operating on the old architecture, addressing bug fixes and even developing new features if necessary,  while also creating the BFF(Back-end For Front-end), due to technological needs, until the new architecture was developed. As part of my role, I actively participated in refinement sessions, reviewed requirements, and created test cases in multiple levels and types in the backend layer, collaborating closely with the team. I then moved on to designing, implementing and performing functional and non-functional tests, having a brief experience with RobotFramework, and mostly with Postman for API tests, then generating compelling evidence and comprehensive reports. In addition, I monitored and controlled the testware, conducting regressions to ensure the release to UAT, then next to PRD. I conducted reviews in English with all stakeholders at the end of the sprints, promoting communication and alignment. Also, I created new documentation and improved some existing ones.
Technologies: RobotFramework, Postman, SQL, Bitbucket, TeamCity, Jira, Zephyr, Confluence


Postgraduate Degree in Software Architecture

FIAP - Faculdade de Informática e Administração Paulista (Paulista College of Informatics and Administration) Aug 2023 - May 2024

Technologist degree in Systems Analysis and Development 

Impacta Technology College   Jul 2019 – Jul  2021


Technologist degree in Business Process Management

Senac University Center   Jul 2019 – Jul  2021

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