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Designing Business and Digital Economy

Designing Business and Digital Economy

Every company seeks to optimize its business processes, internal and external service flows and profit revenues. But incredible as it may seem, we do not see good methodologies to represent the company structure, its main objects, its digital messages, the flow of this information over time and frequency. An effective methodology needs to be simple and at the same time clear in the representation of the business for purposes of process automation and development of computational systems.

A transformation to digital business needs a lot of work. In the last years of the 80s, Software Engineering was the subject of the moment and computer programs that aid in the design and architecture of Systems and Programs were launched. In Brazil, we used the pcCase that mapped Entities and Databases. Another software Mosaic, mapped Control Structures and Processes in a hierarchical way. At that time also emerged the Orientation to Objects in the planning and development of software.

It was the beginning of Industrial Automation at the Gabriel Passos Refinery, we contracted the first pioneering projects of Industrial Automation in Tanks Area, in the Processes and Utilities under my responsibility. A line of work that was called Software Engineering was created, a Methodology for designing programs and modeling the Industrial Automation Business with the name of Object-Oriented Graphical Representation Language in Process and Time: lrgoopt.

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