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Future Talents Skills and Left Brain

We have discovered that although scientists invalidate the Ancient Model, they are truth and can be useful for discovering talents, vocational guidance, health, nutrition and created one mathematical model to do a diagram like this images below. I think the future will depend, as always, on Differential Talents that will discover the new paths of the future. The transformations will always take place, but the Natural Talents will dictate the new directions. 

We firmly believe that the solution of the future will be the adjustment of the vocation of human beings not the professions. I say that the right brain is functional and abstract and the left brain is substantial and concrete. Two examples of man that changed the future is Mark Zuckerberg (left brain) and Steve Jobs (right brain). So, this is the proposition to be thought and the idea we want to pass.

Talented Geniuses do not operate with a single brain part (hemisphere). Usually, talents have acute characteristics in certain brain regions. The case of the Donald Trump is one example that owns talents in the emotional part and for this reason has a theatrical capacity that took to the presidency of the USA.

Future Talents Skills and Left Brain

The goal is to use the ancient statistics in a mathematical model that was created to chart people's potential skills. This Trump x Hillary study was done before the election and only concludes that Trump has a managerial talent greater than Hillary. The goal was not to know who would win the election. Is not to do predictions because is not possible to do prophesies.

Nature generates dual humans with functions and vocations of Left and Right Brain. Often, people choose professions that require functions of a certain side of the brain but this does not mean that in this person certain cerebral laterality predominates. This is absolute truth because many engineers and IT professionals when retiring switch completely to a profession that requires the other part of the brain like music, business, sports, etc.

The predilections of humans on the use of the right or left brain are functions of the natural evolution and are potential natal ones as we want to demonstrate. There are generalists and specialist people. For the specialists, there are predominant functions of some cerebral side but it does not invalidate they have professions that use the other side of the brain. The choice is a mixture of the natal potentialities and the opportunities offered by the environment. Human is adaptable even in unfavorable conditions. There is a curious question about Cerebral laterality. The brain maintains its balance using the two sides and some people express a certain side. The professions are clearly on one side or the other of the brain but people are not. People use the brain according to the professions because needs survival.

The major exponents who influenced and changed our Future curiously has potentials on the left Brain side: Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk and others.

One of the most interesting personalities from which we plot the Natural Talent diagram based on Ancient Sciences is Mark Zuckerberg, creator of Facebook. He has potentials extremely specialist in research and development, high creativity, no potential for higher education and left Harvard to devote to his business.


Design, solve and find solutions in the fields of Energy, Communication and Transport require Left Brain skills and are the property of those who change the future. The future will always be the Human Being. Much is said about robots and automation. The automatisms and the Artificial Intelligence will represent to the present Man what the cart pulled by oxen represented to the first Men: "It will only relieve the Man of repetitive and tedious tasks."

Using as reference the statistical models of the Ancient Sciences it is possible to perceive that Nature generates the evolution and the diversification of Humanity in both Body and Consciousness and concludes that the Human being is a machine with infinite possibilities. Our Consciousness has six senses, five external and one internal. We can decide without knowledge base, only based on intuition and based on wild instincts. We grow by storing information about touch, smell, sight, hearing and taste, and preparing the Body for various adverse situations. We can crawl like snakes, jump like frogs, crawl like cats, walk crouched, walk erect, swim up and underwater and we fly without the aid of motors.

Robots and Artificial Intelligence will do the heavy lifting and Man will mold to the new fronts of development in other areas of knowledge still undreamed of. We also will add teamwork with people of complementary Talents and we will have a Collective Intelligence of expanded capacity. Our physical versatility is a minimum sample of our mental versatility. Studying diagrams we can observe that each Human Being could have a different and useful ability. So, we believe that identifying the most endowed to propel humans into the future will be our great future goal. We can do only transform energy and matter not create LIFE. We cannot make a robot that is born, grows, ages and dies and have all our senses.

Is necessary to understand the limitations of the algorithms Production Rules and Neural Networks in Machine Learnings. Just like everything man does, we will have pattern recognition errors and device operation and maintenance issues. We cannot rely heavily on important decisions generated by software algorithms. Algorithms can represent what humans have created but will never have the intuitive ability to choose paths without a previous reference in their knowledge base. This human capacity is exceptional and determines the course to follow in the future.

In developed and rich countries, Robots and Artificial Intelligence technology will reduce jobs but demographic decline will be a fact. It is not possible to know the residual balance. A change in the professions will occur mainly for services and research. In underdeveloped and poor countries, population growth will still be noticeable and there are so many things to be done that we will have jobs and economic growth.

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