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Health Monitoring in a IOT Cloud Platform

Innovations transcend everything we imagine! Connecting objects to the internet is a trend that is going now. Watches, bracelets, phones, televisions and cars are already reality via IOT Internet of Things. But the transformation is deeper. Not only consumer products will be networked: industrial machinery, public transportation, hospital equipment or human people. All objects tend to connect

Health Monitoring in a IOT Cloud PlatformBR 1a oN om

It looks like Flash Gordon technology is here to stay. The facilities of electronics, software, telecommunication and Cloud storage appear to be the easy gateway. To use a wristband that tracks everything from steps and heart rate, sleep quality, calories burned, and applications that You like it on your smartphone is now reality . There are a multitude of applications waiting for our ability to realize them! We need to expand the wireless network to take advantage of them everywhere. Instant Health Monitoring solutions are becoming increasingly viable and powerful. 

Small electronic circuits such as complete microcomputers can be placed at various points in the human body for various purposes. In addition to the functions of communication and sending information, measurement functions and records of images and analysis of visual aspects will be possible! There is an opportunity here for diagnoses made under the light of Traditional Chinese Constitutional Medicine. 

There is a huge difference between the approach of our Western Medicine and Chinese Constitutional Medicine. Understanding the knowledge expressed in the Ancient Sciences is a challenge for Western Culture that specializes in microscopic visions. We need to see the macroscopic analogies of Nature and the Human Being from the Eastern viewpoint! Chinese Medicine relies on a philosophical model of analogy between the Natural Laws and the systems of the human body. 

The Five Elements Law describes how the five pairs of organs and viscera help each other and control each other and how to treat deficiencies or completeness of a given element. Integrating pulsology, heart rate, oximetry and temperature indicators, under the perspective of the Five Elements of Chinese Medicine in sports activities, in hospital screening, in the monitoring of company employees and in family homes, will be a qualitative and economic differential of spending on people's health. 

Acting preventively in health imbalances could be an economy to the state, to companies and to people. If you have a lung disease, your blood oxygen level may turn out to be less than normal. It is important to know if and when this occurs because when your oxygen level is low, your body's cells may have difficulty working properly. Oxygen is the that makes your body work. Having a very low level of blood oxygen can overwhelm your heart and brain. Most people need a saturation level of at least 89% to keep their cells healthy. It is believed that a level lower than this for a short time does not cause damage. 

The solution will be to build Bracelets equipped with electronic sensors, which generate information for graphic application and numerical indicators of Diagnosis of Chinese Constitutional Medicine. The principle of INNOVATION is to generate a REAL TIME diagram, showing the measurements obtained from the Bracelets with electronic sensors. The diagnosis should consider Body Temperature, Oximetry, Frequency, Rhythm, Amplitude, Width and Hardness according to the Chinese Pulse of the Five Elements, through a Smartphone application.

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