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Symbology of the Nine Elements

Likes it or not accept the scientists and journalists from around the world, Millenary Sciences (or Ancient Sciences) have much to offer as statistics of human potential and are true precious jewels as Body and Mind model. The Millenary Sciences are perfect too much to be overlooked as a source of self-knowledge.

Symbology of the Nine ElementsSYMBOLOGY OF THE NINE ELEMENTS


comase icra


the 4 elements (ord the
center) The reality of the 9
©chements encompassed by o

SINGLE element which
contons them ol seems more
cprepeiate To us It is ke
the ingens of any ore hand
Dusty) (2 hans) It is 0
@cretization of nature that
expions many thegs We
need to ducretize® ("dde
The ide inte smaller peces)
© be edie to understand it
tut 1 os mst that seme
Nature hides its mysterest
This 5 my theory. which 8
by o simple




prherse/ 2013








wr sass


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